Trends.. I was wondering when are you a trend follower or not. For me it's weird because I don't think of myself as a real trend follower but unconsciously I am still following them. I actually hate when everyone is wearing the same I always like to be different, not special though just different.
I just want to wear things that I think are beautiful, more like just my opinion. BUT at the same time that might involve trends which I don't like. Of course i steal ideas from people and later you see everyone steeling those ideas which become trends and that's too bad..
Another thing that came up to mind when I was typing this that in my closet, everything I own, might have been trends once but I still wear everything. Even things I own from first year of high school(/middle school don't know how to call it) until now (accept too little things etc but I do still own pieces from that year!).
So here I am with no conclusion but just thinking about it and I was wondering how other people feel about this.

this headpiece is something I got when I was 8 year old and I still think it's really pretty! On the other hand the wolf on my tee do is a trend, the animal print trend. I guess it's ok to follow some of them?


  1. cute headpiece!
    I am the same way - I usually don't follow trends but sometimes take inspiration from them

  2. cute headband! xo