If you're thinking about silver hair..

so so so pretty! Even with dark eyebrows it gives such a nice look. Would love to have this look but to scared really doing it. It would damage your hair so badly when you're naturally a brunette. Maybe some day ..


Where to look?

The last few days were all about thinking of a new blog name. What to do? What to do? I knew I wanted this blog to be more, than just about clothing. For me as a person, philosophy has always been one of my main interests. It is something that I can think about for the most of my day, especially things like; what is fair in life and how is it that things are, the way they are? I love to read about philosophers opinions which make me really think about life.

So that is one of my main interests in life but the other one is definitely fashion! Combining these 2 main interests is exactly what I can do in my study, which is fashion & branding. Fashion is just so interesting and has so much to do with life! I hate it when people see fashion as superficial and materialistic. Maybe those things are a part of fashion but it is definitely so much more. I think it's even save to say that fashion is everywhere even when you think you don't do fashion.

For just the clothing part about fashion in my life, it's all about finding those special items. I see them as my little treasures. Discovered amazing little pieces where no one has ever tried looking, are just the best ones for me. Especially when it's a cheap buy, my day just can't be bad anymore. I think I can even call myself an expert in sale shopping, I always manage to find amazing pieces that no one saw before it was even in sale. Another thing to that is that it's always in my size, it's like it was meant for me to find.

I knew these two aspects were the most important in my life and where I wanted to blog about. So I had to come up with a blog name saying exactly what my blog is about and it became ..... : treasure philosophy! tadaa

blouse: cos, pants: h&m, shoes: zara


Return to innocence

Last week I've been to several museums and found lots of inspiration! The funny thing is that I find myself making pictures of everything I think is interesting but those things are really different. I'm hoping that in the end I'll be able to put everything in categories or something and see what I really like.

Oh and by the way; something is starting to make no sense anymore.. My blogname?!  I'm not posting about apparel anymore. Change the blogname or post more about apparel collecting? Tell me what you apparel collectors think!!


And suddenly it's morning

In the last picture you can see my bird running around behind me. My birds always make me smile, even when it's monday morning. Today is a big day because there are only 2 days left until the deadline. I have to finish my prototype en 3 books. Lucky me I'm almost finished! 

You and your autumn sweater

This picture is for a school assignment. I had to wear my AMFI outfit, so here it is. I really love this bag because it's so weird and also really chic, like something ladies from the forties would have. All you need with that is a really long cigarette holder..


Oh Gustav..

Gustav Klimt your work is the most beautiful thing I know, can't describe how much I love it! 
So inspiring.. I want clothes with this print on it. Actually found a legging with the print of the second picture on this site http://www.blackmilkclothing.com/ sad though it's really expensive but I might buy it someday.. My apparel collection must have a piece like this! 


Amsterdam I'm falling for you

I'm finally living in Amsterdam! It already feels so good even if it's just for a week. I'm starting to love this place more and more and there's so much undiscovered yet! Sadly my school is very busy so I don't have much time for exploring left but in a few days I hope to have a bike there and then we will see.

I saw this documentary about Paul Smith (what a cool man he is btw) at school and he gave the advise to get up really early like 6 o'clock or maybe even earlier and then go on your bike and make loads of pictures! At that time there won't be much tourists and other people and the city will be beautiful, especially with the lightning at that moment. So yes I'm waiting for my bike and then I'll go for it! And now back to designing..