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The last few days were all about thinking of a new blog name. What to do? What to do? I knew I wanted this blog to be more, than just about clothing. For me as a person, philosophy has always been one of my main interests. It is something that I can think about for the most of my day, especially things like; what is fair in life and how is it that things are, the way they are? I love to read about philosophers opinions which make me really think about life.

So that is one of my main interests in life but the other one is definitely fashion! Combining these 2 main interests is exactly what I can do in my study, which is fashion & branding. Fashion is just so interesting and has so much to do with life! I hate it when people see fashion as superficial and materialistic. Maybe those things are a part of fashion but it is definitely so much more. I think it's even save to say that fashion is everywhere even when you think you don't do fashion.

For just the clothing part about fashion in my life, it's all about finding those special items. I see them as my little treasures. Discovered amazing little pieces where no one has ever tried looking, are just the best ones for me. Especially when it's a cheap buy, my day just can't be bad anymore. I think I can even call myself an expert in sale shopping, I always manage to find amazing pieces that no one saw before it was even in sale. Another thing to that is that it's always in my size, it's like it was meant for me to find.

I knew these two aspects were the most important in my life and where I wanted to blog about. So I had to come up with a blog name saying exactly what my blog is about and it became ..... : treasure philosophy! tadaa

blouse: cos, pants: h&m, shoes: zara

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