How you like me now?

This is a video we made last winter, it was freezing at that moment and as you can see i am looking a little white haha. 
When I bought this jacket it was all green and it was cool I liked it but I wanted it to be more special so I bought some leather fabric, made sleeves and sewed it to the jacket so it's a one of a kind jacket now! 
I definitely like the result. The heels are from supertrash it was a really cheap and lucky buy, got 2 pair for 60 euros and they normally cost like 120 each. 
Enjoy watching!


  1. cute!!!


  2. Thats cute, and videos are a good idea, because you get to kind of see the outfit in motion. I love jackets with leather sleeves, would love to make my own but it always seemed kind of hard to me! Wish I had someone to make videos of me, haha!x

  3. haha great video!
    love love love it
    and it's a great song choice too
    your jacket is great :)